Top 10 Funny Inventions.

Top 10 funny inventions & product ideas you never thought of, but would’ve made you a fortune.

No 1.

funny inventions

Perfect Griped Dish for Serving delicious dishes especially gift for waiters of hotels and cafe’s .

No 2 .

funny inventions

Capture movement never easy before 🙂 A good gadget for newly wedded couple.

No 3 .

funny inventions

Multi Function Coffee Cup.

No 4.

funny inventions

Can you try this?? pour water in two glass at a time.

No 5 .

Easy grip drinking water glass 🙂

No 6 .

Best solution for bathroom singers 😉

No 7.

Breakfast Ready toaster cum electric kettle.

No 8 .

Auto Teabag dipper, just turn the knob and set the value that how many this gadget dip the teabag.

No 9.

Mechanical Night lamp.

No 10 .

Measurable pent belt 😉