Junkaria’s Singer of the week

Islamabad: The uprising singer with age of 20 have performed songs of Enrique Iglesias in such a way that people have been confused for a moment and say , “he is like Enrique “
With his unique style and voice , Asmaar has get a good fan following , but not involved much in social networks .
Asmaar is not getting that much support .
Junkaria’s Singer of the week is Asmaar Peerzada
and now Music fans in Pakistan should come to know about this artist.
Asmaar Peerzada is Pakistani Pop singer famous by his Live performances and unique English Singing style.
Asmaar Peerzada (urdu: اثمار پيرزادہ ) with full name of Muhammad Asmaar Nawaz Peerzada was born in Multan in (jan 11,1992) .
Asmaar peerzada is a singer from Multan and he has also lived his childhood years in small town “Hasilpur”
And studied there , he loved to write funny poems and songs at the age of 9 , with his skills he start writing songs at age of 11.
Asmaar start performing live from age of 12 and then nobody could not get stage away from him.
and Asmaar come to know what he is going to do with rest of his life.
Relations amoung him and his family became strange because of Asmaar’s attention towards Music .
After his high school in 2010 , Asmaar moved to Islamabad and decide to do what he always wanted to do. he performed songs of Pakistani band Strings , singer Atif Aslam . Enrique Iglesias . his famous Live song performances include “Tonight I’m Loving u , Hero , Ring my bells”
He performed in many concerts Live and have been known for his best live performances . mostly he perform Enrique songs because he said he is biggest fan of him and he always give tribute to Enrique.
For similarity being in Enrique and Asmaar voice and style, people give Asmaar the title of Junior Enriqur/Enrique of Pakistan. And by all these contributions Asmaar makes his space in Pakistani Undeground Music industry.
Asmaar have announced in jan 11 , 2012 to start a project to give tribute to Latin superstar .
The project named as “Tribute to Enrique “ and it had been announced officialy in jan11, 2012.
This was being the first time ever that a pakistani singer give tribute to enrique iglesias.
Tribute to Enrique involves dstribution of Enrique music albums and poters of Enrique amoung fans.
Asmaar has recorded a cover song “Ring my bells” .the first song from the project.
Asmaar is a student of National University of Moderen Language(NUML) ,Asmaar is the first singer from NUML with such repute in showbiz Business.
he released the song in NUML and has distributed Enrique’s posters and CDs.
After the release of Ring my bells , people were not believing that the singer is actually a Pakistani Singer.
Although the song have became a success in Pakistan and India, and song get a lot of attention.and with the help of song , the project had become famous and Asmaar made the music fans in pakistan felt that there is a new voice coming all the way there.
And has been played in FM stations for many weeks.
And it was because of Asmaar’s vocal influence.
Asmaar Peerzada have give an interview to FM 97( sunrise) Pakistan describing his passion for Music by telling them that “the purpose for tribute to enrique is to tell him that how much pakistani people and fans love him”
Well with such a sensational influence , Asmaar left on his audience . there will be no doubt that he is making his space in world of showbiz