Steve Jobs: Lesson of Life, How to Live life before you Die

Steve Jobs one of great human being in his life to himself and others. He died yesterday with Cancer, but what he given to world is priceless. Ipad, Iphone, and thinking of I.. He given the lesson, you don’t have to emphasize on the word I, but you need to let people what you think, with your imaginations.

He was an adopted child, but he adopted world with his kidness, efforts, and innovation. Leaders around the world take him as good friend but I take him as mentor.

Below is the lecture he give to Stanford students back in 2005. He described his life’s ups and downs. but what he said I remember in my life you need to combine dots in your life, you know what you had in past but you do not know what’s in future. A great lecture I thought to share with you for such a good human being…