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creative ideas

 Clothespin Chopsticks  allow everyone to eat with chopsticks

Arm Sleeper Pillow, Sleeping with arm under pillow and head Wow Nice idea.

 Book Book notebook case looks like a real book.


Cool chair design.

book blanket,  a nice concept.

Heart shaped bumps on the bike tire.

Flat Bulb an interesting bulb designed by Korean designer joonhuyn kim, Unlike ordinary bulbs its volume is 1/3 smaller, reducing the cost of packaging and transport.

Pizza scissors a good gadget for pizza lovers :-).

Push-able multi input electric socket.

How to increase website ranking.

website ranking

This post contains some suggestions for publicizing your website or blog in any search engine also we tell some usefull tips for how to increase website ranking.

1) Content

Write only those things in your blog that is user requirement and user like it and share with others.

2) Submission

Submit your blog/ website to all the major search engine like Google, Yahoo & Bing and also submit your blog/ website to popular web directories including Open Directory , Looksmart, Wikipedia etc.

3) Individual Publicize

Introduce your website to other on every way for example

4) News letter

Inform your user and audience with daily/ weekly or Monthly Newsletter. The benefit of news letter is to remind people about your website and blog and this encourages them to visit your site.

5) RSS

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or some time call Really Simple Syndication. Use RSS feeds this will increased the indexed rate as a popular blog/website in search engines.

6) Use Aggregator

Use website or blog aggregator like Technorati and submit your blog/ website there, this will give a high appreciation to search engines.

7) Back links

Create maximum back links to high PR website and blogs, this will create a good ranking of your website in search engine.

8 ) Keep your website up

Try to keep your website up, if your website is not accessible for an extended time many search engine specially google may reduce the website ranking of your website/ blog. So adopt a good server for website/blog hosting who gives you maximum uptime.

9) Translation

Translate your website/blog into foreign languages. This will increase your website/blog traffic also increase the website ranking.

10) Search

Instead of entering your url into browser, search though relevant keywords of your website/blog will also increase the website ranking of your page.

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Take Me Home Tonight (2011) Movie Review.

Take Me Home Tonight

Take Me Home Tonight : This is the time of late 1980’s when every thing was blooming for every body, every body was enjoying wealth and profits. But there is some one (Matt Frankln) whose life is moving other way. He was a briliant student of MIT, he worked on well paid job, but he left it all and joined a low ranked job, and the tension begins every thing started change.

Film is quuite good for those watchers who love to see drama, beauty and a touch of oldies. You will not be regret to see it.
Well keep me posted and let me know if you want me to review more movies, or if you want some special movies of your favourite to be uploaded.
Enjoy surfing: Enjoy watching..

Download Links:

1- Download Here

2- Download Here

OpenStudy – Make the World Your Study Group

OpenStudy – Make the World You Study, the Aim of this website is to make online study rooms for student age above 13.. If you ever experience to study in groups this is the site for you it provide you mix of all the courses including “history” to “Mathematics”.

You can Login with simple registration or you can use your facebook account to get it going. This website mainly allow those students who  are interested in same courses and want to help there peers. It’s the best of meeting with people online and having there experience shared with you. With passage of time you can make community online which can help you out constantly.

This is the time to just get to OpenStudy (Website)and make maximum use of it.

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Google+ Hack:Three Chrome Extensions for Google+

Google is a big Company, and Google is growing day by day so do there Application. Google Chrome is one of best internet browser competing with other leading brands. One thing which Google managed to do was to open Google Chrome for Applications.Three days back Google also launched Google+, which also becoming a stir in social networking circle. Here are Greet Three Chrome Extensions Google+ (Apps) to look Google+ with different angle. I know, I know Google+ is for limited users only right now, but this is helpful for those who are already on Google+, and future notes for those who will be on Google + in near Future.

1- Google+ — Facebook

According to some critics Google+ is just like Facebook, well some how yes it is social network and social networks just look same, also people are used to with Facebook Theme anyway. Just Install Google + — Facebook extension and you can customize you Google+ just like Facebook.

2- Share For Google+

Yet Another Extension for Google Chrome is Share for Google Plus , some of you might feel hassle to Post one comment to Google+, Facebook and Twitter, well this extension solves your problem. After installing it you don’t have to do extra work, one click and it posted to all.

3-Google+ Friend  Exporter for Facebook

Sending invitation to all the friends by doing Extra copy paste is difficult from Facebook to Google+. Now you don’t have to worry any more when we can provide you best extension to import Email addresses, Phone numbers and websites of your friends at Facebook. Try Friend Exporter for Google+ Extension for Google Chrome.  After installing this Extension you will see Export friends “button” on your Facebook page. I am sure you going to love this extension.

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Cars ii Movie Review.

Cars ii Disney is fantastic animated Movie from Yet another good panel Disney. Story is fantastic as Star race car, Lightning McQueen and his fantastic friend Pal Mater heads to overseas for taking part in the championship.

But things gets wrong and Pal  Mater caught into unwanted situation. This movie is fantastic for children’s under 8. I don’t mind adult enjoying it with there Kids :). Ohh yes why not to give you some links to download this fantastic movie.

Cars ii


Download Links:

1- Download here

2- Download here

Please let me know how you find this movie. Have a good time. And enjoy watching..

Comparing your past with present conditions is an interesting thing to imagine for those who have some unforgettable memories regarding certain things or places.

Sometimes when people get older and they pass through a specific place, they usually try to memorize and compare that how this place was used to be at the time when he was young or a kid.

We have found an interesting website, which contains pictures in the pictures with incredible time tags within them.

Watching such pictures which take us to past and bring attention to what was before in the childhood and how everything changed, so quickly.










Free Google+ Invitations.


Google+ is the new upcoming social networking that was launched by Google last day and at the time being it is only open for some users for trial the service and the invitation of google+ is the top viral of the today.
Google launched some different and new features then other leading social networks like facebook.  Google+ introduce Circles a.k.a friend list, hangout a.k.a groups with video and voice chats and Sparks some interesting and informative stuffs..
The layout and interface is very simple and easy to manage. The main thing i notice in the google+ is the “add a new friend” in circle which is quit interesting.
Are you wanted to try this special service for free?? Just send me your email on comment; I will send you invitation for use this community as soon as possible.

Breathtaking Oasis

Oasis is very much like a natural phenomenon, a place full of fresh water, in a place like desert. It is extremely stupendous and seems false if we ponder it carefully. But the fact is fact. This is something that cannot be denied. There are many oases in the world that are beautiful and mesmerizing. Some of the world’s most beautiful oases are being discussed here for you. If you are an adventurous traveler, have a trip to any of these oases, I am sure, and you are going to like it. Let’s have a look at this miracle or gift of God.

Huacachina is a small town in the Ica Region, in southwestern Peru. It is situated in the Ica Province, near the city of Ica in the Ica District.


Ubari is a town in southwestern Libya, in particular in the Targa valley. Surrounding villages include Germa, and In Garran. Oasis water is salty as the Dead Sea and swimming is not really recommended due to sewage.

Chebika is a mountain oasis in southern Tunisia, in Kairouan Governorate.

Chebika lies at the foot of the mountains of the Djebel el Negueb and, because of its exposure to the sun, it is known as Qasr el-Shams (“Castle of the Sun” in Arabic).In antiquity, it was once a Roman outpost, named Ad Speculum and later a mountain refuge of the Berber people.

Gaberoun is an oasis shaped around a huge lake Sabha area in the Sahara desert. Many years ago, the oasis was a Bedouin settlement but was abandoned in the meantime. Lake is very salty and swimming can be very pleasant. Nearby tourist camp was arranged, the most favorable time for tours is from October to May.

Timia is a small town in northern Niger situated at an oasis in the Aïr Mountains,Timia lies south of Iferouane and north of Agadez. The main town lies around 3km from a stone Guelta oasis, which holds water year round. It is also known for its fruit trees, an unusual sight in the Saharan regions of northern Niger.

Top 10 Fonts for Designer

Selecting the best fonts is essential for any image or design. Mostly, they express important information that is needed for the design. Fonts can either make or demolish the design, so it is critical for designers to choose the right font that will represent to your design. We give you some latest font collection for your upcoming design.


Download Font

Download Font


Download Font

Download Font

Download Font

Download Font

Download Font

Download Font

Download Font


Download Font