Mouse Pointer

Fun with your Mouse Pointer

Today we share a  interesting and new concept with all of you. If you like this video then leave a comment and share with your friends. Just move your pointer towards person and see where the mouse pointer goes.

Ready Movie 2011


Ready Movie 2011 With download Links:

Salman Khan is a full entertainment package. He has the possibility to pull the crowd. He’s got all the power to produce any unexciting project interesting. His activities are usually adored by the audience. His ‘Dabangg’ style had been extremely treasured therefore everyone was holding out with bated breathes to see his subsequent outing.Ready movie currently captured the heart of the music goers together with the funny numbers, ‘Character Dheela’ and also ‘Dhinka Chika’.

Asin for the 2nd time paired opposite Salllu inspite of the doom of ‘London Dreams’. Salman Khan’s movie features a universal appeal. You needn’t have to crack your mind to know its outcome or scratch your nail in stress. His movie states just relax, chill and enjoy and fill the three hours with joy. Director Anees bazmee has created complete utilization of Salman. As much as the storyline of ‘Ready’ is concern, there’s nothing to tell. It’s a light hearted film. Source [paksmile]

Download Here





Google+ : Invitation opened for limited time:

As there is most awaited social network is keeping a nerve on to get in the system, here is the news now you can Login to the Google+ page and Sign In just like you do with Facebook.

There are quite heavy features which I used to think to be in any social network, As if I say I am a teacher and do not want to show my personal details I can benefit the Google+ not to show my personal things or stream.  Google+ is also allowing up to ten users to interact Via video service.

Google chat is also available within the system so everything is there to start your new social network. If you still experiencing the problem to get registered let me know and I will send you an invitation.

Keep Surfing.

Free Photoshop psd

Here is newly added collection of photoshop psd for designer.Psd are the default file format of the adobe photoshop in which you can easily change the style, color and all the things easily.

photoshop psd

A good website design for the professionals just download and edit it with your own choice in it and make it live 🙂 Download

Different types of shelf’s available in this file for product display.. must see collection.Download

Various gold color picture frames for everyday use. Download


Folder icon collection file consist of 3 different colors folders.Download

Different colors sticker collection for website and different promotional offers.Download

watch youtube

Three ways to watch Youtube videos with Friends.

No doubt Youtube is part of lives from the existence. We might be watching uploaded videos for hours. But at the end we start getting bored watching alone, I thought about and searched a lot to find sources to watch Youtube videos with friends [not in same premises] and walaaaa here I got some sources to watch Youtube videos with your friends same time as you watching a Video. Below are some sources by which you can watch Youtube videos with your friends.

1-Youtube “Social”

Youtube social is a source to watch Youtube videos with your friends online. Best part of this source is that you don’t have to do extra copy paste any where, just add word “social” to the video and it will take you to the page where you can watch videos with your friends, here is example how

lets say you watching

Just add word social after word “youtube” as and that’t it now you can share and watch videos with your friends same time. You can also chat with your friends while watching, aaaan that works fine for me.


Another source with which you can watch Youtube videos with friends is Synchtube. Main page consists some already existed rooms where you can join or there is a create new chat room tag with which you can make your own.

You can also make your friends charge of the room, or stop somebody entering etc. You can also poll for the video you watching in order to rate your choice.


Last but not least another source is watch2gether. This site has basic needs of a Youtuber, you just invite friends and watch the video with them. After choosing you nick you can paste your link and invite friends to watch with you.

These are three best sources I found for my solution of watching same video together. Which one is your best? Post a comment.

Video Chat for Mac Users

Skype Group Video Chat for Mac Users (Released):

As we all know Skype been purchased by Microsoft short while ago and new management is making new ventures with this product. There is a new release from the team from MAC users for video conferencing. Before this MAC and window users were having Beta group video chat, now company has released an official version of there product.

Company also introduces group screen sharing, which is quite good add on businesses. While working or while having meetings professionals can share there screens. Skype 5.2 has been released for Mac users which is free, however to make group calls one of group member must have premium account. For using group chat all members must have Skype 5.0+.

I think video meeting is becoming the main focus for big Giants these days, as Facebook plus Skype launched video conferencing after Google+ announcement having “Hangout”  as add on for video meeting.

Now this is going to be a war of VIDEOS. What do you think where we will be going with this Video conferencing, and what is the future of US. Keep surfing.


Facebook and Skype team up


Facebook and Skype team up with each other to defeat Google in social networking media.

Facebook has announced a partnership with Skype to add video chat to the social networking site.

It looks like Google has already started to disturb other social networking platforms by launching their new Google + project.

This is not the first time Facebook and Skype have teamed up – they already share some instant messaging tools.

Microsoft is also trying to buy Skype and is already a shareholder in Facebook.

But Facebook would only be able to connect two persons at a time in the start while on the other side; Google is group video calls through their function known as “Hangouts”.

Mr Zuckerberg said that it was likely that other “premium” Skype functions would be added in future.

Zoom+: Zoom Photos in Google+:

Zoom Photos in Google+

As I covered before about Google Chrome Extension in my blog, here is another Google chrome application which can be helpful when you will be having your Google+ social network going (Zoom Photos in Google+).

Most of you will be familiar with the Google images. Google introduced Mouse over function with that your picture gets enlarge with out opening into new window. Well this is quite possible with this Google chrome extension.

After installation you must either restart your Google+ or restart even Google chrome for better results. This is a best way of looking your new social network and your peer’s Photo’s with our opening new window.

You can download here and keep the world going for you.

+Google chrome only works with you profile picture as well as profile stream pages. It is not workable on Photo pages 🙁

Happy surfing

Free Download Yahoo Messenger 11 (Download Link).

Download Yahoo Messenger 11

Free Download Yahoo Messenger 11 (Download Link) : Yahoo messenger is one of leading messenger we all know. And company is putting all its efforts to make there brand viable, more productive and creative. Recently company launched its Yahoo Messenger 11, which got mix and match of few things officially powered by Yahoo group. By the way if we experienced new Yahoo email service it really become fast, and very fast as acclaimed by the company. So coming back to messenger company added quite few handy add on to service such as

1- You can invite your friends to play a game, this is very good feature if you sitting with friends and want to hang on with some spicy games.

2- Keep in touch with friends, Now you can be in touch with your friends on crossed platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Plus.

3- Chat with Facebook friends, now you can chat with your Facebook friends with in Yahoo messenger

4- Be available all the time, Yahoo is allowing you to Login there messenger on multiple machine which is handy most of times, but I got some concerns.

5- New Skins (Personalize your self), Now with new skins you can personalize skins with Yahoo and enjoy a new look all to gather.

OK. So much reading here is the link to download a fresh copy of your Yahoo Messenger 11 🙂 If you like this new messenger do let me know.


Photoshop pattern

Photoshop users can save a lot of time and create beautiful designs by using photoshop pattern. Photoshop’s presets (like brushes, styles, patterns, custom shapes, and gradients) gives the designer to plus point in professional product designing. we share some latest photoshop pattern collection with all of junkaria lovers. Hope you like it 🙂

photoshop pattern

10 dots and stripes patterns. Download


Handmade paper pattern set.Download

Different Pattern by:Design-Maker Download

Textured Stripes- 6 patterns Download


Wallpaper patterns by ~ZeBiii Download