Birthday Junkaria

Happy Birthday Junkaria

Happy Birthday Junkaria, Time sure does fly, and believe it or not, Greatist turns one year old today! When we launched on June 07, 2011, we had a simple goal: to inspire and inform people to make better choices which, over time, add up to something truly great. And while we’ve grown a lot since then — probably more than we could have ever dreamed — our mission hasn’t changed.

On the 7th of June at 1pm we just want to move forward one step from our Football News and Reviews related  blog “The Football Reviews” and search for domain name and yelling each other if the name is not perfect, suddenly our team member Fahd  a.k.a David Cole suggest the name Junkaria and all the team members agreed on it and then in next 15 min the Domain was registered.

As all of Know today is the Birthday of Junkaria  and in the past year, we’ve become one of the most trusted, fastest growing Pakistani Blog on the Web. Our family has grown to include some of the smartest and most energetic people in health and fitness who are passionate about innovating and changing this space for the better. We’ve already try to attract maximum  readers this year, and as we look forward to Greatist’s second year, we’ll continue our efforts to write even higher-quality content — because our readers deserve better.

We are proudly announced on Birthday of Junkaria that we have launched another blog on Music MNewz, This blog covers Pakistani Top Bands news and specially local and underground bands.In Last 15 days of Mnewz Beta Testing we have many renowned recommendation in terms of sharing our post on Pakistan’s Top Singers Offical Pages, That’s our Achievement.We Offer you if you have a good voice and love to singing and wants to promote your video on web and social media do forward your  video about your contact no’s on Mnewz we surely post on web.

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