Intel Aims to “Re-Architect” Data centers to Meet Demand for New Services

New Era of Services-Oriented Data centers Gives Opportunities for Expansion



  • Reveals new details of the forthcoming 22nm Intel® Atom™ processors C2000 product family, enabling the company to target a larger portion of the datacenter market.
  • Unveils future roadmap of 14nm datacenter products including a system-on-chip (SoC) that for the first time will incorporate Intel’s next-generation Broadwell architecture to address an even broader range of workloads.
  • Rackspace Hosting announces that it will deploy a new generation of rack designs as part of its hybrid cloud solutions aligned with Intel’s Rack Scale Architecture vision.


PAKISTAN, Islamabad, July 29, 2013 – As the massive growth of information technology services places increasing demand on the datacenter, Intel Corporation outlined its strategy to re-architect the underlying infrastructure, allowing companies and end-users to benefit from an increasingly services-oriented, mobile world.


The company also announced additional details about its next-generation Intel® Atom™ processor C2000 product family (codenamed “Avoton” and “Rangeley”), as well as outlined its roadmap of next-generation 14nm products for 2014 and beyond. This robust pipeline of current and future products and technologies will allow Intel to expand into new segments of the datacenter that look to transition from proprietary designs to more open, standards-based compute models.


“Datacenters are entering a new era of rapid service delivery,” said Naveed Siraj, Country Manager at Intel Pakistan. “Across network, storage and servers we continue to see significant opportunities for growth. In many cases, it requires a new approach to deliver the scale and efficiency required, and today we are unveiling the near and long-term actions to enable this transformation.”

Roadmap for Expansion

The future products include the next generation of Intel Xeon processors E3 family (codenamed “Broadwell”) built for processor and graphic-centric workloads such as online gaming and media transcoding. It also includes the next generation of Intel Atom processor SoCs (codenamed “Denverton”) that will enable even higher density deployments for datacenter operators. Intel also disclosed an addition to its future roadmap – a new SoC designed from the ground up for the datacenter based on Intel’s next-generation Broadwell microarchitecture that follows today’s industry leading Haswell microarchitecture. This SoC will offer higher levels of performance in high density, extreme energy efficient systems that datacenter operators will expect in this increasingly services-oriented, mobile world.

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All Facebook Shortcuts Just For You

All Facebook Shortcuts Just For You

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Comment when on a story in news feed ALT + C ALT + SHIFT + C ALT + C, then ENTER CTRL + ALT + C
Scroll between news feed stories ALT + J and K ALT + SHIFT + J and K ALT + J and K, then ENTER CTRL + ALT + J and K
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 Help Center  ALT + 0  ALT + SHIFT + 0 ALT + 0, then ENTER CTRL + ALT + 0
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Profile Page ALT + 2 ALT + SHIFT + 2 ALT + 2, then ENTER CTRL + ALT + 2
Friend Request ALT + 3 ALT + SHIFT + 3 ALT + 3, then ENTER CTRL + ALT + 3
Messages ALT + 4 ALT + SHIFT + 4 ALT + 4, then ENTER CTRL + ALT + 4
Notification Center ALT + 5 ALT + SHIFT + 5 ALT + 5, then ENTER CTRL + ALT + 5
Account Settings ALT + 6 ALT + SHIFT + 6 ALT + 6, then ENTER CTRL + ALT + 6
Privacy Settings ALT + 7 ALT + SHIFT + 7 ALT + 7, then ENTER CTRL + ALT + 7
Official Facebook Page ALT + 8 ALT + SHIFT + 8 ALT + 8, then ENTER CTRL + ALT + 8
Service Agreement ALT + 9 ALT + SHIFT + 9 ALT + 9, then ENTER CTRL + ALT + 9
Like/Unlike Photos (In Light Box) L L L L

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