If you have stored songs information on your Search engines Generate consideration than to perform those information you have obtain those songs information on your PC, after that you can pay attention them. Now you can perform all those songs information straight from your Search engines Generate consideration. It is possible with the new Firefox add-on DriveTunes. So in simple words we can that DriveTunes is ipod that allows you to pay attention your preferred tracks right from Search engines Generate.

Now no need to obtain all songs on your PC just login to your consideration and pay attention songs information straight from Search engines Generate. With this Firefox add-on you can perform mp3 and m4a music right from Search engines Generate. Queue and pay attention to songs in Generate, rather than just previewing it. So from now on you can use your friends or relatives PC to pay attention songs without downloading it from your Search engines drive consideration.


How to Play Music Directly From Google Drive

To listen music all you have to do is download and install DriveTunes Chrome addon on your Google chrome browser. So go to the Chrome web store and install the addon or you download it from the link given below. After the installation you can see the new Drive Tune Icon from your Chrome Web Apps page. See the screenshot below for more info:-

DriveTunes Icon

Accessibility the Generate Track app from here, now Search engines will ask you to approve this app with your consideration. After the permission you can see the list of the music on the site. Now you are prepared to perform the music from your Search engines Generate consideration. To perform the music you have to simply simply select the Song name or you can use the web app multi-media key from the top plugin.

You can also see the play and stop key on the site. Moreover, there is a quantity slider also existing to modify quantity accordingly. Look for box is also there, which will help you to find your preferred songs or sound tracks quickly. There is a mix up choice also available on the end remaining area from which you can enable/disable mix up for songs.

The app is easy to use and useful, The app discovers all the songs in your Generate directory and purchases it by name. You can type the songs information by directory as well.

Download DriveTunes

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