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Today we share Some Twitter Tips to all of you.Twitter is a status-updating or microblogging social networking website. It is a advancement in social networking because it takes conversation into another level. Twitter is now used by various fields. Business,Blogger, Entrepreneur,Politicians,Journalist,Celebrities,Artist etc.. It is also a nice place to meet people from different places of the world that shares the same interests.

You definitely gain positive response if you follow these Twitter Tips and apply in your daily routine

10 Twitter Tips To Use Twitter Properly

Add Your Personal, Real Photo

Add you original and personal photo on twitter profile, No one on twitter are like to follow the eggs (Twitter Default Photo if user not upload the picture) and fake profile photo’s.

Prepare Proper Description of You in Your Profile

Please define  your description carefully. Write who you are, what are your interests,It’s very helpful to other users to find a same interest people on twitter.

Tweet Regularly

Thing to remember is tweet regularly other wise you will lose your followers (My Personal Experience ) and another thing is tweet atleast 3- 5 tweets daily in that specific time in which your mostly tweeter followers are come online.

Tweet about Interesting Things

Tweets about interesting things, This will help to create engagement your followers and with your tweets.

Please, don’t Spam

If you use twitter as a  spamming tool, your mostly followers will un-follow you. Try to Avoid this type of practice.

Re tweet Interesting Tweets

Re tweets other’s interesting Tweets gives you more followers.

Follow People have same interest 

Follow those peoples those have same interest as you, This will increase your tweets more Re Tweets then before.

Use #FollowFriday 

Please try to build your relationship with other Twitter users for this being a part of different Twitter events like #FF or #FollowFriday.

For Example: #FF If you are Blogger Follow These Good Bloggers in Pakistan @fahdaltaf, @Lov_Football, @sidconnar, @Uma1r

Trends Follower

Follow and tweets daily local and international trends, This will help you to find some new friends on twitter.

Use of #

Try to use # with some famous trend in your normal tweets like ” Education, Learning & Development should be the integral part of Pakistan’s Policies. #PakistanZindabad

Twitter have been used by companies, bloggers and agencies to promote their brand. Promote your own brand today on Twitter with these above mention Twitter Tips.

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Say No to Spam

Get 5000 likes in your status!

Warning: New Scam on Facebook now a days with status message ” Get 5000 likes in your status! ”  hit millions of facebook profiles in last three days.Avoid this type of status and never click on this status and link in this status, Otherwise you become a part of it and your profile automatically post this status to all of your friends wall, pages and groups you liked on facebook.

Not everyone gets thousands of likes on their Facebook status posts. Some intelligent programmers have developed a script that can get any of your Facebook post (status, photo or video) loads of likes just in a few seconds. Yes Its true the script was leaked long time back. But the Scammers have used this script to spread SPAM for their own benefits. In this SCAM technique, you will surely get some hundreds of likes to your respective status post But at the same time you will be posting this SPAM message: “Get 5000 likes in your Status! [URL]“ to all the groups you are a member of. Thus Spreading this SPAM further.

The Scammers have actually used Two Scripts to trap you:

1) Facebook app to Auto-Post to all the groups (you are a member of).

2) Facebook Auto liker app Script. here’s the actual SPAM post in Facebook groups:

how to Get 5000 likes in your Status Facebook Spam

how to Get 5000 likes in your Status

How do i get rid of this SPAM message? (Get 5000 likes in your Status!)
If you are a victim of this SPAM, don’t worry just GOTO “App Settings” on facebook and look for the latest apps that you have given authorizations to and remove all of them.

how to Get 5000 likes in your Status

The Scammers are using several dozens of Apps namely: cityville,Twitter, and other genuine and famous facebook apps looking Names. So Observe them smartly and remove them. Share this information with your friends and family.

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Birthday Junkaria

Happy Birthday Junkaria

Happy Birthday Junkaria, Time sure does fly, and believe it or not, Greatist turns one year old today! When we launched on June 07, 2011, we had a simple goal: to inspire and inform people to make better choices which, over time, add up to something truly great. And while we’ve grown a lot since then — probably more than we could have ever dreamed — our mission hasn’t changed.

On the 7th of June at 1pm we just want to move forward one step from our Football News and Reviews related  blog “The Football Reviews” and search for domain name and yelling each other if the name is not perfect, suddenly our team member Fahd  a.k.a David Cole suggest the name Junkaria and all the team members agreed on it and then in next 15 min the Domain was registered.

As all of Know today is the Birthday of Junkaria  and in the past year, we’ve become one of the most trusted, fastest growing Pakistani Blog on the Web. Our family has grown to include some of the smartest and most energetic people in health and fitness who are passionate about innovating and changing this space for the better. We’ve already try to attract maximum  readers this year, and as we look forward to Greatist’s second year, we’ll continue our efforts to write even higher-quality content — because our readers deserve better.

We are proudly announced on Birthday of Junkaria that we have launched another blog on Music MNewz, This blog covers Pakistani Top Bands news and specially local and underground bands.In Last 15 days of Mnewz Beta Testing we have many renowned recommendation in terms of sharing our post on Pakistan’s Top Singers Offical Pages, That’s our Achievement.We Offer you if you have a good voice and love to singing and wants to promote your video on web and social media do forward your  video about your contact no’s on Mnewz we surely post on web.

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