iPhone 4s case “Gizmon Ica”:

New “Gizmon Ica case” turns the new iPhone 4s into an old-fasioned camera which change your experience of iPhone, available in America for $65.

Gizmon Ica case

This Gizmon Ica case is consisted of 32 separate parts that can be fixed togather to creat an amazing retro camera.

Gizmon Ica case

Stores which sell the case said “The iCA iPhone case turns your phone into the camera it always dreamed of being.”

“Constructed of super tough Polycarbonate, the case surrounds your phone and comes with two lenses that attach to the front. A detachable tripod mount is great for longer exposures.”

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6 Main Points to learn Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

Wikipedia identifies popular promotion as a strategy that uses pre-existing web websites to generate rapid raises in knowledge through self-replicating popular procedures as a Viral and the techniques through which things go viral on internet is known as Viral Markeeting. Generally it is promotion that seems to function much the same as a cold computer malware, distributing from individual to individual explosively. The best part is that you can take benefits of this promotion strategy without expensive software or electronic experience. Here are 6 methods that will begin a popular weather of readers to your web page, if you use them properly.

1. Provide details to your customers and include backlinks to your web page. You can publish these guides or special reviews on e-book internet directories, give away websites and use JV lovers to provide to their collection. Persuade folks to complete the details along to their associates who have an interest in the topic. If your details is correct and beneficial you are going to discover many individuals be moving past the book to associates.

2. You can use a Tell-A-Friend program on your web page. Primarily allowing your client and readers a way to quickly talk about your web page. Based on your market you found that providing an bonus to tell a buddy or two will motivate more readers. Rewards can be free details that is provided immediately after the tell-a-friend program has been carried out. Ensure your viewers that you do not gather emails when they get into their buddy’s deal with. They are not looking their buddy into your newsletter.

3. Do you get crazy movies from associates and family? This is popular promotion. Although the video may not be selling anything the idea of moving past from individual to individual is popular. Now, putting your imagination to function, can you make an idea around your market that would be interesting? Something that would be handed down from individual to person? All you need is a digicam. Video clips without the professional ‘feel’ provide themselves to validity. You only have to look at the acceptance of actuality TV to realize how much individuals like ‘peeking’ in on the life of others.

4. Are you trying to get your details out to your community quickly? You can generate an Web Media Launch to attract in your viewers. This is a method that can have far accomplishing effects when done with imagination and fashion. Bring your viewers to your page and deliver them out with a movie or e-book to talk about with their associates.

5. Undercover promotion, done well, can be fun and fascinating. You make a secret encompassing your market. There are questions, magic, a potential for threat and individuals keep returning for more. It becomes fun and interesting. Your viewers keep returning for more and delivering their associates to decide the secret. Yanik Gold has been doing this for sometime with his Undercover Marketing Workshop. He does not release the name of several of the audio system, the potential clients are undercover providers and the details is highly private. The whole event is cloaked in secret.

6. Public systems are here to stay. They often change around a particular topic. MySpace, the most popular system web page, is a common message board where individuals talk about anything from apes to wedding. The details on these websites is retrieveable. You can quickly make a collection of subscribers considering your topic or market and release crazy interesting details that they are motivated to complete along to their associates.

These were six of the low technology methods you can use to begin a popular weather of readers. They are easy to learn and to make. Use them to your advantage!

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Top Ten Songs of 2011

Here we come with the top ten songs From Jan 2011 to Dec 2011. Listen and enjoy the videos of these songs.

top ten songs


1)Olly Murs

Dance With Me Tonight


We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris)


3)Flo Rida

Good Feeling






Earthquake (feat. Tinie Tempah)


6)Ed Sheeran

Lego House


7)Jessie J

Who You Are


8)Kelly Rowland

Down For Whatever (feat. The Wavs)


9)Maroon 5

Moves Like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera)



Take Care (Feat. Rihanna)


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Best Guidelines for Web Designers for 2012

Website and Blog design has become a successful market for self employed in the last few decades, especially with the reputation of the WordPress program. Technology weblogs, e-commerce websites and common information websites all prefer to have a custom-designed blog to help sell their promotions around the world.
To utilize the getting potential of web style market there has been increase in the number of personalized service web style services. However, only a few self employed are able to sense the change in the market characteristics and add value to their suggestions during rendering.
In obtain for you to stay aggressive, effective, and yet modern with your web styles I recommend the following ten guidelines:

1. Design Based on the Consumers Requirements

More often than not, the web developer specializes in providing a low quality website skeletal system due to financial difficulties.
However, this technique often backfires since the developer simply omits vital factors of the client specifications. The best way to comprehend the client is to discover their needs and address them during the style process.
Design fiascos are an consequences of a bad decryption of economic enterprise specifications and sometimes a insufficient specialized skill on the part of the developer. Therefore, it is essential that you to clean up on both specialized knowledge and smooth knowledge.

2. Factor Search engines Panda into Your Design

Design elements do not stand alone. In the future, self employed should position their offer the results to Search engines Panda expectations.
Google has lately involved web page fill speed as one of the factors that decides the pr of a web page. Using large style elements can slowly Http request-response times substantially. This, in turn, may badly affect the search positions of the website.
So, whether you like Google’s big sister mind-set or not–as a developer you should adhere to the newest suggestions of google optimization large.

3. Are employed Sprints–Use the Nimble Scrum Approach

Rather than embracing the big beat technique using the standard SDLC fountain rendering design, try out agile advancement.
Why not offer innovative style in a dash of two to four weeks with devoted and experienced resources? Nimble advancement is the newest method used by self employed and clients who want quicker results.
4. Handle Evaluation Schedules

The majority of private experts crash to implement an effective review procedure during the course of the task. To experience 100% buyer support and obtain innovative style, developers should include an overview procedure and inspire their sought after clients to keep up with the review period.

5. Standard Your Designs

Do you benchmark your designs with the best in the industry?
If not, then you are probably providing styles that never match the level. More often than not, without benchmarking, you will find that your clients grumble about insufficient features. As a best practice you should benchmark against modern style expectations to increase business productiveness.

6. Do Not Change Everything

Are you the “Apple Computer” of your field?
If you resolved “yes,” note that even Apple does not reinvent everything. Standard style layouts should be used and scaly up (or down) to satisfy the consumer’s specific specifications. Not all assignments require that you begin from the begining.

7. Keep Your Prices Competitive and Attractive

One of the major factors that will drive the demand for web style services in 2012 is the costs element. The best group developers have already started providing recurring business savings and free promotions. Is your private business offer to potential buyers competitive?

8. Maintain a Web Presence

Have you done offer the results for clients, but never yet have a web page for your own style business?
Not having a web page can be the greatest problem that you can make as a capable. Having a web existence contributes standing to your company enterprise and provides you with an opportunity to present your collection.

9. Learn More with Social Media

If you want to keep up with the newest styles for web style, there is no better method than Facebook or myspace or devoted style community message boards. Essentially, you should follow the best developers in the market to comprehend where the market is moving.
Additionally, it helps to create a devoted Fan Page to build hot prospects.

10. Do not Originate from Scratch

The style area has improved substantially in the last few decades.
Taking an idea from strategy to generation can take a shorter period too. There are ready-to-use style frameworks, vector styles and layouts available for free (or at aggressive rates). These should be utilized by developers.
Before creating something new from the begining, check to see if there is a software or design that you could use to saving time.

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