Smartphone in 3d

Smartphones in 3D could damage your vision:

Many smart phone companies are providing latest gadgets that are  promising an exciting entertainment experience but scientist have found that Smartphones in 3D may harm your vision and also gives you headaches.

According to the phenomena “vergence-accommodation” user’s eyes simultaneously adjusts the distance of the content which leads to the headaches and the problem in person’s vision also.

Optometrist Professor Martin Banks said about smartphone in 3D: “Discomfort associated with viewing stereo 3D is a major problem that may limit the use of technology. We hope that our findings will inspire more research in this area.”

Technology has provided many types of entertainment but they also have some drawbacks and this one of them. 3D technology has been bombarding into the market with TVs, cinemas, and more recently digital billboards in airports and bus stops have all been in 3D. So we have to take care of our vision by making the less and productive use of it.


PDF is the most powerful reader for the documents and its widely used in the world for its usability and security. I always believe to have something alternative to Adobe PDF reader which can be small in size and reliable to use. And as ever I found an alternative which is a must have software for your PDF solutions.

Nitroreader is the best option as alternative to Adobe PDF and I can recommend you its the best replacement.  Some of the features are below.

1- Simplicity

2-Intelligent Display Panes

3- Instant in-application help

4- A view for every PDF

5- Full Screen Viewing

6- Only 25MB

And millions more which you can explore when you Install this software. Happy surfing

Google+ IPhone App Released:


We all know Google is big Giant, and recently they launched Google+ a new social network for market. There are many features which can stand out Google+ from other social networks. As the launch happened there was need for Apps for mobiles specially IPhone. So here is the big news a Google+ IPhone App  for IPhone users have been launched and IPhone users can download  the Google+ IPhone App  from Itunes store. As there are million of products from Google are free this app is also free to download.



Google to warn over two million users that their computer is infected with virus.

Google to warn over two million user that their computer has been infected with some kind of malware that found its way into the user’s computer and disturb the Google searches.

A fake anti-virus is there on internet and when it is installed  it hijacks the Google searches and redirects users to the different websites.

According to the company when this virus is in the computer and user made the search on Google then it is controlled by the cyber criminals who then control the traffic.

Google security engineer Damian Menscher said: “The malware appears to have gotten onto users’ computers from one of roughly a hundred variants of fake anti-virus, or ‘fake AV’ software that has been in circulation for a while.”

Google is showing a yellow strip onto the searches that user made that notify the user that his or her computer is infected with the virus.

Itraffic connection Speed Monitor

As we know World is global village now, and the big thing which contributed to this phrase is Internet. I remember we used to have hour based internet years ago, but thanks to advancement in technology now it comes with out limitations. So many companies which are ready to give you there connection on attractive sales packages, but I always think do we get what we told, and there was no application to check your ISP speed. You don’t have to worry any more when is there, there is an application which can help you keep track of your ISP speed, and give you reports daily,weekly, and monthly basis.

ITRAFFIC is one desktop application which let you keep track of your ISP speed, and when required you can go to your ISP provider and say look I am not getting what I promised to0.

The reports look like below

You need to select your network card in order to see respective speed which application gives you option to do. Happy surfing 🙂

iphone 4

Dot: 360º video capture for the iPhone 4

Kogeto announced the world’s smallest panoramic video capture device for iphone 4. This is only a special lens attachment that mount on to the iPhone 4 . The video result was too good  in mobile and also on computer screen. This iPhone add-on is a good way to catch the maximum fans on social media by uploading your videos made by this special invention which they call DOT.

The Kogeto will invite to all of you to come in Launch Party in August 2011 at Newyork. If you think this gadget will help you to make a change in you life through your iPhone 4 then just spend $100 to buy this amazing gadget.



DOTS sample Video’s

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new ipone application

An amazing new iPhone application “Backseat Driver” has been introduce which will let your children to a virtual journey when you are on a vehicle.

This new iPhone application uses the GPS(Global Positioning system) through which a user will chase the real driver car in his own car along with the similar route on which they were moving.

This application uses the satellite positioning to create the same number of twists and turn which were passed by real vehicle.

The real vehicle drops the objects which are directly related to the landmarks and shops which are taken from the real buildings.

Here is the video preview of this new iPhone application:


LazyDroid: Android Desktop Application

Most of times its is very annoying to check your mobile again and again for your new SMS on your Mobile. You might think you have a desktop solution which don’t let you pick your phone again and again. Well Here is the solution there is one app for Android which can help you to solve this problem.  You can control your Android Phone remotely with this easy to use app called LazyDroid.

LazyDroid Web Desktop turns your Android into an innovative web interface

An incredible web application that allows to take the control of you mobile phone from Wifi/Internet/Usb connection, simply using your web browser and accessing a website. [Site]


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