Je m’appelle Humorous Undergo – Full French Edition – Gummy Bear Track

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The normal 30 2nd video for Itt Van A Gumimaci, the Hungarian edition of I’m A Gummy Endure, debuted on the web in August of 2006. It speedy went viral, gaining a whole lot of heaps of views because the recognition of this catchy tune and humorous character elevated and unfold by observe of mouth. A 30 2nd English version changed into then created which helped to enhance the clip’s recognition and views rocketed up into the thousands and thousands. By the summer time of 2007, the last full size 2:30 edition was launched and it has been gaining views and viewers ever in view that.

* I Am A Gummy Endure (The Gummy Bear Tune) has been recorded in over 25 languages and has been released in additional than forty nations world-wide.

* Every day, the on-line movies for The Gummy Bear Tune are watched greater than 1 million instances.

Chart Positions encompass:

# 1 Dance Singles Chart — iTunes
# 1 Dance Ringtone Chart — iTunes

Hot one hundred Pop Singles Earnings Chart
# 1 Dance Singles Chart — iTunes

# 1 Pop Singles Chart iTunes

# 1 Pop Singles Chart iTunes
# 1 Pop Ringtones Chart iTunes

# 2 Pop Singles Earnings Chart

# 2 Pop Singles Earnings Chart

# 5 Pop Singles Earnings Chart

# 8 Pop Singles Earnings Chart (52 weeks within the Top forty)

Japan True 10 Pop Digital Downloads

# 1 Pop Ringtones Chart

# 1 Ringtone Down load AOL & Vodaphone Charts

# 1 Pop Downloads Chart

# 1 Pop Downloads Chart

Sales Certification Awards Encompass:

Single Licensed Gold

Single Licensed Gold

Single Licensed Gold

Single Licensed Gold

Single Licensed Gold

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